About Us

NEEC is an association of energy efficiency companies:  manufacturers, installers, engineers, distributors, designers, and retailers. Our mission is to use local- and state-level advocacy to help secure the policies, budgets, and resources necessary for a vibrant and growing energy efficiency industry.

State regulators make decisions that govern billions of dollars in energy efficiency spending. NEEC gives the industry a voice in those decisions. We do this by participating actively in state and regional planning processes, marshalling and articulating responses to proposed policies, budgets, and initiatives, and providing opportunities for NEEC member companies to tell their story directly to policymakers and regulators.

What participants say about NEEC:

“Having a voice in state-level decisions is critical to ensuring that policies and funding are aligned to support the efficiency industry’s growth.”

– Stephen Cowell, President, E4TheFuture, Inc.

“Because it represents so many companies, NEEC is able to get policymaker and regulator attention more quickly and more powerfully than any of us could do on our own.”

– Vin Graziano, President, RISE Engineering

“NEEC is out there on the front lines fighting for us. Membership in NEEC is an investment in the health of our business.”

– Brad Steele, President, Energy Federation, Inc.

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