Why join NEEC?


NEEC represents the efficiency industry before state public utility commissions and other regulatory bodies. State regulators make decisions that govern billions of dollars in energy efficiency spending. NEEC gives the industry a voice in those decisions by participating actively in state and regional planning processes, marshalling and articulating responses to proposed policies, budgets, and initiatives, and providing opportunities for NEEC member companies to tell their story directly to policymakers and regulators.


The energy policy and program landscape is changing rapidly. NEEC keeps members up to date through timely news bulletins and the NEEC conference. Sponsored in collaboration with the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), the conference is now in its 16th year and is the premier conference in New England focused on utility energy efficiency programs.


Thanks to NEEC’s active role in helping to shape regulations and move the efficiency industry forward, NEEC members are recognized as leaders in the efficiency field. Membership affiliates member companies with the ideals of engagement, commitment, and opportunity. It publicly establishes each member as one of the most highly engaged, committed, and forward-thinking energy efficiency companies in New England